Explanation of Acces Bars Consciousness

Access Bars Practitioner.

The Access Bars Practitioner certificate is successfully obtained by me .

That makes me very happy and it is a nice addition to my practice!
Access Bars is a powerful tool to experience more peace and light in your current reality.

What kind of treatment is Access Bars?

Access Bars is a treatment in which 32 points on your head are lightly touched, so that the autopilot in your head is extinguished, so to speak and your consciousness, your ability to really perceive, is activated.

Access Bars Consciousness

How does Access Bars work ?

Most of humanity functions from pure thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What would it be like for you to leave that functioning behind you, all those ‘stories’ you have in your head, over and over again, puzzling, sometimes infinitely often?

Access Bars solves this problem from within. After all, it is also possible to function from Perceiving, Knowing, Being and Receiving. Actually Received, without obligations or considerations.

The Universe is Abundance, has and gives from Abundance.
However, we ourselves determine what we receive, based on our willingness to ‘Be’.
If we judge ourselves (to begin with) thinking ‘I’m not worth it’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I haven’t done enough’ therein lies our decision, the conclusion what and how much we should receive and how we can receive it.

We create separation and cut ourselves off the way and flow to and from Abundance. Receiving is one of the most comprehensive options that we refuse more often than anything because of it.

Access Bars Consciuosness Living Andrea Spanjer van Egmond
Access Bars Consciuosnes Living with ease Andrea Spanjer van Egmond

By walking/running the Access Bars

the autopilot of feelings and emotions is extinguished and pure consciousness is activated. The result is more awareness.

Then you also stop judging yourself and you can decide to look at yourself, others and situations more kindly and with compassion. Change the world and start with yourself. And only when you love yourself you will manifest in your reality (love) relationships that are good for you.

Waiting for someone to love you and then love yourself really doesn’t work.

Be guided by your dreams and desires. Set your intention on what you really want and don’t let the reactions of others deter you that what you want is not possible.

“All of Life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!”

Access Bars linked to Hebrew Numerology

Let’s take a look at Hebrew Numerology.

2022=2+0+2+2= 6

Code 6: Divine Manifestation.

Certainly in the year 2022, the Universe will give you extra help to manifest what your soul desires!

Another tool/instrument that is also used to gain more Awareness (Access) is a Clearing Statement (ACS).

This is a request to the universe that everything can change.

We cannot solve everything with our thoughts, our brains. So let go of the brain and get around it by reciting ACS and then calling on our other Mind!

Debunking thoughts. We are here to clear the mind and move on with a clean slate, more Consciousness, Perceiving and start acting and living from ‘Knowing’. We have a decent Universal Library at our disposal! Let’s take advantage of that. It will make it so much easier for us.

What is Access Bars worth to you?

An Access Bars treatment lasts 1.5 hours and takes place in Katwijk aan Zee.

Value €90, but now for an introductory price of only €55.

Application form numerology reading: