Number 13: lucky number?!

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How’s that for you? Number 13 lucky number or unlucky number?!

Collectively, number 13 has a negative charge. Especially if it falls on Friday. In hotels, room number 13 and the 13th floor are often not used. And do you want to plan your (wedding) party on the 13th? We associate it with misfortune and some even with death.

But I can tell you something: 13 is a special number!

Code 13: Divine Mother

People who have this code in their Blueprint (hexagram) are blessed in their deepest core with:

– a great faith in Spirit, Nature and the Universe.

– Compassion and Unconditional Love, Sophia/Christ energy.

– a love for nature.

– a gentle and nurturing energy.

They are often very successful and a rock in the surf.

They are also a signpost that leads us from the patriarchal system to the spiritual, loving system.

From unlucky number to lucky number with number 13.

Number 13 is a reference to female fertility, Mother Earth (the Greek Goddess Gaia) and to Love.

Female goddesses existed in older religions, but patriarchal society has pushed the role of women, including in religion, into the background. Likewise the number that refers to her, the number 13, it became an unlucky number.

Now that we know that Code 13 stands for The Divine Mother, The Woman….how painful it is to realize that we collectively for so long, men and women, number 13, have denied, maligned, negatively labeled The Woman. High time to restore the woman’s honor.

In this time with a lot of uncertainty, fear and chaos, we desperately need the energy of women for the transformation and reconstruction of our living system. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a balance of the masculine and feminine aspects: man-woman balance, Yin-Yang, harmony.

How beautiful it is to go to a society where number 13 is again put into full positive use, for example in sports. In Italy there is already no negative sound associated with number 13 and a cyclist with that number can win a stage, as happened recently. Number 13 is also proudly worn in our women’s football team.

Do you want to know if you have Code 13 in your unique Blueprint?

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